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Coaching vs. Counseling 

Both offer growth & here's how they compare.

Both of these services are offered by Salvāre to support, identify, and understand your thought patterns and personal responses.

A safe encouraging space to empower growth or healing is part of coaching or counseling. Below is how they may differ:

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Coaching is a collaborative relationship that leads clients through a journey toward a vision, future, or path of growth. Coaches partner with clients to support a creative, thought-provoking process that can reveal their client's highest potential. 


Through coaching we may:
•    Establish short or long-term goals and create action steps
•    Build strengths and skills to achieve goals
•    Change thinking patterns or mindsets that are a

barrier to resiliency 
This enables people to:
•    Find motivation
•    Improve communication or social skills
•    Grow spiritually
•    Become healthier but don’t know where to start

Coaches may have earned certifications or credentials through accredited programs.


Counseling is a healing service that seeks to mend, provide comfort, and offers supportive coping tools to aid clients through life's pains or adversities. Counseling allows clients the chance to explore their relational attachments, bonds, and experiences within a therapeutic alliance with their counselor. 

Through counseling we may:

  • Target areas that include addressing uncomfortable emotions, healing past wounds, repairing damaged relationships, etc.

  • Learn about overcoming and managing stress, anxiety, depression

  • Explore adjusting to major life changes, such as a loss of a loved one, divorce, or graduating from college

  • Address and find relief from the pain of uncomfortable or dysregulated emotions

Counselors and Therapists have academic and clinical training along with licensure in their respective states.

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Special Note*

Note that while coaching can be helpful for you to deal with difficult situations, it's not a replacement for therapy or working with a licensed medical professional. Coaching is not a replacement for counseling/therapy, psychiatric interventions, treatment for mental illness, recovery from abuse, professional medical advice, financial assistance or advice, legal counsel, or other professional services. As a service of Salvāre Coaching or Counseling, we offer the Hello.Driven online app service, which does not replace but rather enhances your work with a coach or counselor. To learn more about the benefits and limitations of this support service offered to clients, please contact

Heather Halsey Dye, Coach & Counselor, CPPC, CReC, LMHCA. 

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