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Dealing with the challenges of today requires compassion and empathy from someone who brings different perspectives and is willing to collaborate with you on the best avenues to achieve your wellbeing. Salvāre Coaching & Counseling emerged out of a pursuit to support individuals and groups seeking just that. Coach & Counselor, Heather Halsey Dye, seeks to lift others to their highest potential. Heather is certified as a Driven Resiliency Coach (CReC) and received her Pastoral Counseling Certification (CPPC) from California Southern University. She obtained a Master of Science (MS) in Psychology with her Pastoral Counseling concentration at California Southern University. Heather continues to seek skills that enhance her abilities to guide others. This includes her current academic journey within Huntington University's Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, as well as work under a clinical supervisor as a graduate-level CMHC counselor. Heather loves spending time with her family, running with her dogs, reading, and enjoying the outdoors.