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People Can be Broken & Beautiful

by Heather Halsey Dye

People can be broken and beautiful. You may have heard this before, but it didn’t really sink in, or it seemed like an unlikely contradiction. My life, and the events within it, are often an inspiration for lifting up others and helping them to see the world around them in a different light. This week is no exception. Our local region weathered a storm that knocked out power lines, toppled trees, and tore shingles and siding to the ground. The aftermath of the wind was destructively visible in the twisted trees and the loss of connectivity to power which continues to make life difficult for those in our area. As I walked to my backyard, in the center stands a sweet cherry tree. This tree had already battled many previous storms and showcases a broken but living limb to the right which droops a bit sadly but still produces edible sweet red cherries.

The newest encounter with the wind this week left yet another branch to the left dangling. What struck me as I gazed at the tree was even though I could clearly see and acknowledge the brokenness in this tree, there was bright shining fruit steadily growing sweeter stemming from this plant. Light sparkled through this twisted tree and made the magnificence of its survival even more astounding.

His roots were firmly positioned in the fertile soil below and it allowed him to stay connected to the source of strength needed to stand tall. I challenge you to consider people, or even yourself, to be like this tree. In life we will inevitably encounter obstacles and adversity. Sometimes those hardships or storms break us, or at least part of us. There is still beauty amid the brokenness. People will still produce sweetness alongside their pains. We can acknowledge imperfection and see inspiration living right along with it. If you’re looking for a glimpse of encouragement to keep going, sometimes it’s a matter of looking at life through a different, sweeter lens.

~ Heather Halsey Dye, Salvāre Coaching & Counseling.

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